3 Possible Reasons One Of Your Car's Tires Is Wearing Down Faster Than The Others

11 June 2017
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If you have noticed that one of your car's tires is losing tread and becoming bald in areas more than the other three, you may wonder what is causing the issue. Below are three possible reasons why one tire on your car is wearing down faster than the others.

Air Pressure Is Too High or Too Low

One possible reason why the tire is wearing down quickly is the air pressure inside. When the tire's pressure is normal, the weight of the car is distributed evenly on the tread. However, if the pressure is too high, only the middle section of the tire's tread comes into contact with the road. This wears down the center faster than the edges.

Alternatively, if the pressure is too low, the walls of the tires also touch the pavement. This can wear down not only the tread but also the side rubber.

Tire Is Not Balanced

Another possible explanation is that the tire itself is not properly balanced. When a tire is placed on your car's rims, the entire wheel is placed on a balancing spindle. Then, weights are placed along the outer edge of the tire on the rim to balance it out.

However, if one of the weights was not placed correctly or has fallen off, the tire becomes unbalanced. While you are driving, it is unable to stay completely straight and shimmies slightly, wearing down the outer edges of the tread.

If the tire is completely off-balanced, you may feel the vibrations while driving. You should have the tire checked at a tire store to see if it needs rebalancing. Also, they can check the extent of the wear to see if the tire needs to be replaced then balanced.

Car Is Not Aligned Properly

If your tire has normal pressure and the tire is balanced, the issue with the wear on your tire could be the car's alignment. If the tire rods or axles have shifted, it could be pulling in or pushing out the tire slightly. 

When your car's alignment is the cause, you should have it repaired before the shop replaces the tire. If not, each new replacement tire will wear down just as quickly as the old one, wasting you money in the long run.

If you suspect that one of the above issues is making your tire wear down, you should have both the tire and your alignment checked so you are not constantly having to replace a single tire. You may want to take your vehicle to a shop that specializes in tires and wheels so they can diagnose the problem and discuss your options for fixing the issue.

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