Selecting New Wheels And Tires For Your Truck Or SUV

28 March 2019
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Wheels and tires are often one of the first customizations made to trucks and SUVs. For four-wheel drive enthusiasts, wheels and tires will not only improve the look of the truck but can enhance its handling off-road. For trucks that stay on the pavement, the tire and wheel selection may be different but can improve the look and handling of the truck.

 Picking New Wheels

Wheels can change the appearance of your vehicle, and for new truck owners looking to add something different to the truck, it is often the first place they start. If you're thinking about new wheels for your truck, a visit to the local tire shop may give you some options. Businesses that specialize in tire and wheel packages can work with you to select a wheel you like in the appropriate size for your truck and recommend a tire that will perform the way you want it to as well. The wheels you select for your truck may not be available in stock, but most wheel and tire distributors will be able to order the wheels and get them in just a few days.

Shopping Online

If you do not have a local tire and wheel distributor, there are some large distributors that you can buy from online. Keep in mind that this means they will have to ship the tires and wheels to you, but many of these distributors will work with your local tire company to send the tires and wheels directly to their shop. Once your tires and wheels have arrived at the local shop, you can make an appointment to take your truck in and have them installed. Often, shipping tires and wheels to a commercial business costs less, so the company may include free shipping for you. Talk to the distributor about what your shipping options are and the cost that it adds to the price of the tires and wheels when you're ready to place an order.

Make Sure Your Wheels Fit

It is essential to make sure the new wheels you are putting on your truck fit properly. Ordering a wheel of the same size is not always going to guarantee it will fit. It is vital that the offset of the wheel is correct, especially if you are using a wider wheel then came on the truck originally. Take your truck to the shop where you will be having your tires and wheels installed. They can measure and test fit wheels to make sure they're going to clear all of the brakes and suspension components as well as keeping the tires out of the fenders. 

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